VIRE 6/7 Engine Mounting Vibration Dampers (4 x) (oval base)

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New product

pack of 4 x

Vire 6/ 7 Engine mounting (Steel Oval Base)

each includes ;

    • Steel/rubber threaded base (70mm PCD)
    • steel BZP stud (50 x M10)
    • 2 x washers
    • 1 x heaight adjusting nut
    • 1 x lock nut

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reduces vibration and noise from the engines. Rated for Vire 6 and 7hp engines

Note alloy base model mounting reccomended for 12hp, not this.

requires min 31mm (ideally 42mm) under the engine for this part to sit on the boat hull/bearers

engine can be raised/lowered precisely to centralise propshaft alignment which is also helpful in reducing noise and vibration

Another advantage, is that since the vertical threaded stud is entirely removable, this allows easier removal of an engine that cannot be lifted over studs, instead the studs can be removed and the engine simply sliding forward. (Some engines are fitted do that above them there is a cockpit floor with less than 50mm clearance).

because the base is steel, this has a limited life compared to the marine-alloy base alternatives.