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Bosch OEM Vire 6/7/12 ignition condenser


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this item stores the flywheel/HT-coil charge, so when the contacts open, there is enough energy to produce a spark even at high RPM.

a bit tricky to fit, you will need to solder the central pin and drift it out/in the base plate, which will require removing the flywheel. (get a puller if you havent already)

dont worry, comprehensive instruction sheet is included with each sale of this item, and there are my videos on youtube to assist.

replace if:

  • obvious signs of corrosion/deformation or leaks
  • doing a full 10-year rebuild
  • you have erratic ignition/misfires and eliminated other easier - to change parts (plug, points, HT cap etc)
  • desoldered, there is less than 1M ohm resistance between pin and case earth
  • it wont store any charge for sparking, tested with a 9V battery instead of magneto.