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for 7 & 12 hp models (rubber impellor, high efficiency, self-priming)

precise thickness required to seal impellor correctly, maximum pump performance, minimum pump wear.

pressed by hand at VIRE UK, tagged to indicate bottom easily.

top quality specialist gasketmaterial, oil/salt resistant, waterproof

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correct size for engine 7hp and 12hp

very easy to lose or break during dissasembly, so have spares!

the precise shape and thickness between the pump sides is critical, dont make these yourself.

the other gasket between casting and base plate is not critical, you can use one of these or make that yourself

i reccomend hylomar sealant

instruction sheet included

the 7/12hp engine will deteriorate without proper shimming of the pump gasket with an original, because it could have reduced efficiency leading to the pump impellor being loosely sealed, and running hot, not self-priming, or worse if leaking, can allow water to drip out and air into the resting engine, increasing internal silencer / pump corrosion and blockages 10x faster than as designed. So make sure you use a proper original thickness gasket.