VIRE 6/7/12 HT lead - Stranded Core View larger

VIRE 6/7/12 HT lead - Stranded Core (red)


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HT lead for the Vire 7, 12 or Vire 6 BVR engines.


Correct Vire resistance , to gaurantee reliability and spark strength. correct length for the Vire engines. 

Stranded metal core to prevent corrosion and leakage.

Assists reliable quick starting in damp conditions and correct running.

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Fitting requires flywheel removal, using Vire tool (see other items) or careful use of a puller -just screws into your HT cap and coil (which can be removed behind flywheel). Includes a length of self-amalgamating tape to seal coil end.

please mark your ignition timing plate 'rotation' (with a quick scratch or market pen) before removing, so you can return it, as it was quickly. i have a youtube video 'vire timing' in case you forget.