VIRE 6/7/12 Stainless Steel Gearbox Output Bush With Seal

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During a rebuild, you invariably find, that the mild steel bush that runs on the oil seal is badly rusted and you should change it, or the rust progresses further in to the gearbox and leaks oil in the boat. my solution is to replace this with a stainless steel bush that cannot rust, and you always replace the seal, so thats included too.

The bush i supply is 1mm shorter than the original that you cannot get anyway, and this gap will needs closing with a precision washer i include, next to the flange(seal bush and washer to flange with sealant as normal) OR you could dispense with the washer and ream flange hole out 2mm 45 degrees with a grinding bit, like i do (neater?)

Note: the OEM now is 3mm longer than original in s/s, but i dont like this since the nut then cannot use all threads so is insecure, and it will also alter propellor and shaft seal positions.

Replacement Instructions

Drain gear oil

2 13mm and 17mm spanners to remove coupling nuts

Long bar or crowbar between 2 studs to stop flange revolving

24mm socket to remove flange nut

3 leg puller to remove flange

Tap/pull out woodruff key

Tap/pull off old bush

Lever out old seal with screwdriver

Wipe out old paint and rust with a rag

Tap in new seal with smear of sealant

Slide on new bush

Smear precision washer both sides with sealant

replace woodruff key

Replace flange(i would dremmel the bore free of rust first and grease), tighten all nut

Slide coupling back together and tighten nuts (should replace if nylock ones)

Refill 0.7l oil (my special oil is better than hypoy)