Throttle Shaft for Tillotson Carburettor of VIRE 6/7 View larger

Throttle Shaft for Tillotson Carburettor of VIRE 6/7


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Vire 6 & 7 Diapragm Throttle Shaft (Typically 286/260 models)


also new gaskets (2) for cylinder mounting

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Throttle shaft

please be careful when replacing this, you need to :

  1. unscrew idle screw so is not opening
  2. unscrew throttle disc
  3. replace shaft (bit tricky but you will see how unscre retainer and re-use spring in same pattern )
  4. refix disc so when you snap it closed makes nice seal, also use loctite on screw so cannot loosen
  5. adjust idle screw again

please note the shaft is machined thin to allow retainer clip(53443) to slide in, so is not strong enough to directly support a heavy teleflex cable, particularly if the engine is vibrating on rubber, or someone pushes the control lever hard/accidentaly. if your engine had that please change the teleflex to the original arrangement via lightweight triangle or it is ok if you have lightweight stranded throttle cable.

or you may fit a flexible spring between your shaft lever, and your operating 33c cable.