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Vire 7 & Vire 12 Manual 1992 + Parts List

740222 Manual 1992

Operators Manual

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Published by a boatyard (now closed) 1992

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Published 1992

Oil:Petrol mix 

The amount of oil mixed in petrol depends on engine numbers ( con-rod  / piston pin bearing type) ;

10000- 22000 (Early engines 1969-approx 1985) need 3% oil because they have bronze bush (in silver aluminium con-rod)

22001 -02000 (Later engines approx 1985-2002) need 2% oil because they are fitted with needle bearing (in steel con-rod)

you can find engine number below and in front of the carburettor, stamped into the  casting above that engine mount, or on the easier to read plate adjacent if it is still riveted on.