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Fuel Filter - with Priming button


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with integral priming button, quick restart after running out of fuel

10 micron filter removes smallest contaminants

desalinating and also water removing bowl you can drain, metal fire-resistantant

supplied with tails and washers 

input tail is bore 8mm, output tail is bore 8mm , for cutting and inserting into rubber fuel line, although they are on the same side as shown.

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you will really like this as it stops the alloy carburettor failing early or being unrelaible

this is made of aluminium and BZP steel parts, so will tarnish on a boat, unless sheltered and sprayed WD40.

the 10 micron filter will probably never need replacing as it is really massive total surface area

you can drain water out with the bottom bleed nipple

the top button enables you to ; prime the system with fuel again after you ran out, increase fuel pressure if you think your engine is slowing down because of fuel starvation?, bleed the air out after installng quickly or a long lay up for quicker starting.

I love this unit!

if you have solid metal fuel lines, i reccomend you replace them all with fire retardant modern petrol hose because those old metal lines corrode internally which blocks up the carburettor jets.

the inlet and outlet are on the same side

during installation you will need to bleed out the air in the unit, before the button works effectively, this will be achieved easiest by raising your outlet hose into a collecting jar until constant fuel is ejected, this also washes out the inside of hoses, ready to reconnect to the carburettor. avoid naked flames or burning hot surfaces near petrol and its vapour, i accept no liability and if unsure, get a qualified fitter doing it.

on a vire 7 the blow off inlet valve spring releases at 6PSI  and the vire 12 about 3PSI which is easily achieved with this button, so if you are deliberately bleeding out air after accidentally running dry/refilled then fine, but otherwise dont press the button hard enough for fuel to overcome the pressure release as it will flood your engine and may not start or could backfire burning fuel out.

This is the reccomended filter for the Vire engines, there is nothing better.


(in mm)
height incl bleed nipple below 180
depth incl button 120
width unit 100 + 2 of screw-in (m14x1.5 thread) 8mm hose tails protrude approx only on one side near the top , approx mid depth

N.B. the vire 7 tillotson carburettor has a petrol inlet tail for 6mm bore thin-walled hose, or a threaded tail (obsolete) so, you would either need to request a 6mm output tail supplied, or adapt from 8 to 6 using an adaptor pipe or forcing the 6mm hose to stretch over the 8mm tail (which it will do if heated without naked flame near any fuel vapour safely - your own risk!)
if you have a threaded inlet on your carburettor, please order or request the carburettor inlet tail, and you should find it an easy swap over with a single screw underneath. FYI metal fuel lines are now obsolete since flexible fuel line can be purchased nowadays which is rated fire resistant for petrol and much easier and less likely to corrode internally (green copper slime in fuel/carburettor)

installation reccomendations:

2 of 8mm holes for bolting onto vertical compartment side using bolts/screws with heads larger than 8mm or washers. between (not included)

ideally you would put this in a position you can easily pump it after refilling an emptied tank/lines.
i would reccomend you consider locating it below the fuel level in the tank so if there is any leak it will show petrol liquid not admit air invisibly in case of leaking connection.

its a good idea to mount between level of tank and carburettor so fuel is always going downhill and easiest to re-prime dry, but this is not essential
its a bad idea to mount where it prevents removal or servicing the carburettor or gear linkages or pump impellor to allow hand access for those items.

because the unit is designed for a lorry capacity, i doubt you will need to drain the water or replace the cartridge in decades on a vire engine, so you dont have to give it easy access overall, just make sure you operate the top button easily.

its not fully marinised and has BZP alloy parts so you will get superficial corrosion unless its painted or greased

on a vire 7 this type of filter is essential because the carburettor jets are corrodable alloy drillings only 0.5mm diameter so easily block with dirt and corrode with water that a cheaper paper filter would allow through.