VIRE NEW carburettor for Vire 7 or Vire 6 (tillotson HL vire)

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NEW Tillotson HL carb for vire 7 or 6 (model HL 286A or HL 260A equiv and others)

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this is original equipment and has not been available new since 1996. I am the only Dealer in the world, who is able to supply not only a new ready to go Vire 6/7 carburettor (without the need for adapting/modifying), but it is also dully tested, tuned, and comes with photographic installation manual and two new gaskets.

I have personally built this unit from all new parts, tested it on the rig in starting/idle and full throttle running and it is tuned here, packed and ready to go. Most people are amazed what an improvement this new tuned carb makes compared to their old one.

Please note, the new style choke lever allows easier finger operation, but may require adaption if you have a stranded remote cable, and you might prefer your old throttle lever, which is tricky to adapt. Also, some owners have threaded (instead of push and clip as common/supplied) petrol pipe inlets, which are a easy single screw to swap.

Why buy a new one?: - In my experience, half of the Vire carbs i am sent to repair, even with a new carb kit professionally installed FAIL to tune properly or still leak fuel, this is because the carbs are not manufactured to tolerate salt air that gets into the carb and salt that gets into the fuel - so it internally corrodes in hidden galleries and places you often cannot clean. The solution - fit a new carb with my fuel filter/water separator (see other items or ask me), and then you have a proper long-lasting reliable solution.

So if your carburettor is externally corroded, and more than 10 years old, or has had some bodgers working on it my advice is dont waste your money servicing it, replace it.

If you have not got one already, i recommend a Champion spark plug and an excellent '10 micron fuel filter/water separator' for the Vire as well - see my other items or ask.