Intake Manifold Assembly (for Tillotson Carburettor of VIRE 6/7


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refurbished Intake Manifold Assembly: part 59654 

aluminium flame arrester/air filter top

2 steel fixing bolts and brass spacers

aluminium Elbow

new laser-cut gasket( essential with elbow to prevent drips)

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This is for Tillotson carburettor only, (will not fit Bing)

its the design they fitted after engine number >21000 (approx 1975)

the previous design the air filter was vertical without this elbow, and on low revs/idle could cause a slow drip of petrol into the bilges. to stop this the spits of fuel are now sealed by gasket in an upward elbow, so any fuel is sucked back in, and also slows down corrosion arguably

allow extra width this assembly needs to have a safe clearance to your engine bay sides.

Tip here - NEVER unscrew it's vertical bolts, these not only hold the filter on but invisibly the brass spacers inside, so unless you can ensure the brass spacers have not come loose before starting engine, never remove the top bolts. instad remove the horizontal bolts into the carb and keep it's delicate thin side gasket safe.intact. the gaskets can be made by tracing out over the edges your parts using either gasket paper or thin aluminium sheet (0,2 - 0,5mm) .the top gasket is not really needed but side one critical.

note the threads on bolts are UNC imperial(tillotson) NOT metric (bing)

please do not order this for vire12/BING, it has different elbow and gasket and bolts

if you have any vire 6/7/12 with tillotson , this is best design, you can upgrade your side mounted filter to this improved elbow assembly.