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VIRE OFFICIAL TOOL kit 2021 for most maintenance and quickly get going, save you time and trips to boat, many essentials and rarely needed tools

NOTE: does NOT include flywheel puller, please search for "PULLER" or see website suggestions below or order "TOOL KIT FULL"

NOTE: torch requires 3x1.5V-AAA and meter requires 1x9V, however due to courier restrictions, may not be included

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  1. spark plug spanner
  2. set of feeler guages
  3. new spark plug and cable-ties, for quick spark test/replacement
  4. small wire for unblocking carburettor jets
  5. thick wire shaped for unblocking cylinder drain channel
  6. set of spanners 8-24mm
  7. screwdrivers; small and medium
  8. allen keys 4 and 6 mm
  9. small pliers
  10. plastic funnel, glass jar, length of clear 6mm hose
  11. DMM digital multimeter with leads & extra crocodile clip leads
  12. COB headlight head mounted torch  (3W ultra bright)
  13. plastic toolbox/s
  14. printed booklet explaining >100 VIRE uses of these tools that arent obvious (e.g. testing oil/fuel)
  15. contact numbers for purchasers needing urgent support.

NOT: does NOT include (because of shipping cost/restrictions, or you might already have the following, but recommend you get:

  • torch requires 3x1.5V-AAA and meter requires 1x9V-PP3/6LR61, may not be included
  • flywheel puller (available separately as 'PULLER' or with 'TOOL KIT FULL')
  • hammer approx 500g (for tapping spanner in flywheel loosening/tightening)
  • chisel and drifts/sockets to remove/install cylinder core plugs
  • WD40 aerosol with straw
  • 'carb cleaner' aerosol with straw
  • white grease

you can see my youtube channel link on the "TOOL KIT FULL" (includes puller) item, see below