flywheel puller (2021 ultra strong + safe)

52183 - 2021

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Puller kit to remove the flywheel, all vire models

NEW 2021, custom designed and tested by myself on all vire engine models

this is improved as it is stronger steel, finer pitch central bolt in a hub that stays flat and true unlike previous versions - see full description about the 2021 enhancements

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new for 2021 - the 4 bolts are 6mm socket head, same as the cover bolts so now you dont need a 13mm spanner, also the central bolt is specially tipped to ensure perfect location, and the hub is even stronger and more foolproof - a very expensive bit of design by me, and production by experienced UK machinists why? - because sometimes the cheap pullers on the market are not strong enough to pull off a rusted flywheel, or worse (leg pullers) damage the internay electrics r under pressure distort and fly off dangerously. I decided to create one puller that can remove any flywheel without damaging the engine, the mechanic or itself, and this is it!

Flywheel Puller kit:

steel hub, threaded and drilled to fit all vire models

central high tensile compressing tightening bolt

4 fixing bolts supplied (high tensile)

instruction sheet for removing/replacing flywheel

also see my youtube channel 'nick vire' 'flywheel removal'

please ! do NOT use a cheaper three-leg puller on a vire, because several times a year i work on engines that had ignition components damaged by those intruding legs, or they distort under load, slip out  and fly off dangerously, because they are nearly impossible to keep true or hit with a hammer if its needed on a rusted flywheel, as 50% are.

This puller cannot cause damage to the engine, user or itself, and nothing else is so safe for replacing ignition parts (points/condenser/ht cable)

please note, you do NOT need a puller for cleaning or adjusting the points, however points WILL liklely need replacing approx 10 years in perfect environment or a lot earlier if they have been corroding from an salt-air environment or DEFINITELY if accidentally saltwater flooded bilges which came half-way up flywheel.