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CIRCLIPs 4x uprated (for GEAR BEARING & clutch)


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4 x circlips

fits inside gearbox casing (requires flange/gear lever removed and mainshaft pulled apart, to fit)

there are 4 of these in every Vire engine, all models

originally they were high quality steel, but many engines i have seen had inferior cheap replacement which fail easily

if they are not strong, the action of abuse by the gear lever is magnified 10x leverage onto these and they distort, then the distortion allows the clutch to grind a tip weak and break off, leading to complete clutch failure or destruction of the clutch and gearbox by metal lumps ingested under power.

Note - when you push the gear lever to engage the clutch, ALL the pressure rests on 1 circlip alone! so they need to be good not weak, they dont just locate the bearings in position, they resist magnified gear lever pressure too.

simple solution is to replace suspicious/worn ones with known high spec ones i supply when rebuilding the gearbox in any circumstance. my clips are the highest strength, perfect clearance, easy to fit and made in UK,( not weaker or loose or thinner chinese copy)

another potential problem rectified by VIRE UK.

uprated quality, easy to store.

correct size, thickness and retention for all Vire engines.


WARNING: it is neccesary to first remove the main gear shaft and it's gear/s. You would need a gearbox gasket ( 52057 ), and ideally a s/s uprated pump shaft if you have not already done it (i sell exchange 52133 ASSY EX )

you will need 4 for each engine.