About us

I am the world authority on this engine.

I am the only supplier of ALL parts for the 6/7/12 models, refurbished or NEW

I ship anything, to anywhere in the world.

I email people in different languages, all over the world, giving advice including; pre-purchase checklists, getting it running, getting it reliable, scheduled maintenance, upgrades, fault finding, pricing and  introducing solutions, logistics.

In my Vire-dedicated workshop, i build new products, upgrade engines, repair parts customers send me, Develop and test innovative new products to keep the engine going into further decades..

In my office, i have a vast stock of new tested parts ready to go, sourced from all over the world meeting or exceeding original specifications, and customised instructions and information i have developed to help you all.

my trading company, Belltech Engineering LTD was incorporated in 2001. After a career as a motor mechanic, Engine rebuilder, computer programmer, and Marine Electrician and graduating with honours 2i Marine Technology B.Eng Southampton,  I purchased my first motor/sailing cruiser, a Snapdragon 23' 1963 in 2002 as a restoration project.

That boat had a Vire 6 BVR. It was running but only for seconds, had no power, rumbled and no charging. Before rebuilding it i enquired about parts and dealers, all i found was an expensive dealer in Colchester Area 'Fairways Marine' (David Pickup RIP) but he had either run out of stock or was posting out defective parts - Dave and that business passed away about 1995.

After 2 complete rebuilds, I eventually realised all the long-term faults and solutions of the engine, and collected the skills and techniques to keep it running perfect for the next 6 years till i sold the boat. Most important upgrades were; dont waste time with non-new carburettors, use a 10 micron desalinating fuel filter, follow the manual about starting and stopping and winterising, stop the pump shaft failing, and use new un-sanded ignition points. I realised there was a great need for information and sensibly priced parts, and in 2004 i put up a free inforrmation site about Vire 6 rebuilding, just to help others who needed to rebuild the engine, i was surprised though it offered nothing for sale, dozens emailed from all over the world to thank me and enquire if i could help supply or swap parts with them.

I expanded that site to include vire 7 workshop proceedures, and then eBay i used my shop to sell more and more, so the business gradually grew. now i have seen that customers over the 10 years i had been trading Vire, need to identify parts in many languages, and need a lot of pre-sales advice, product combinations, post-sales advice and related tips and suggestions that eBay is inadequate at, so it needs a proper commercial website.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • profits are ploughed back into development and sourcing rare parts for you
  • Support the expert. the expert will support you.