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    £ 1,995.00 In Stock

    price includes -£200 cash deposit, returned when your old V12 returned to me within 28 days. Refurbished and upgraded, economy finish: loose paint and corrosion removed, zinc-primed, acrylic sprayed finish upgraded internal components such as s/s main bearings, pump shaft, core plugs and many fittings rebuilt to order 2 weeks delivery, using parts from...

    £ 1,995.00
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    £ 36.00 In Stock

    Vire 6 & 7 Diapragm Carb Kit (Typically 286/260 models)     The picture carburettor is not included 1 Upper gasket 1 Rubber fuel-level-diapragm 1 Pump-valves & pump-diaphragm sheet NOTE: ONE PART ABOVE, REPLACES TWO SEPARATE PARTS YOU MAY HAVE 1 Bottom filter cork gasket 1 Carb-cylinder gasket This kit includes needle/seat & welch plug parts...

    £ 36.00
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    £ 499.00 In Stock

    Vire 6 Cylinder Conversion kit Replace your Vire 6 cylinder with this if the water jacket has failed (thats common and predictable in salt water, it blocks or splits open and cannot be reliably and economically repaired ) A new kit developed over 3 months prototyping and testing work at VireEngines.com available from winter 2018

    £ 499.00
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    £ 6.00 In Stock

    waterproof paper gasket, special thickness, between cylinder and crankcase check crankcase joint is level, use sealant like hylomar I have a video on youtube about this procedure

    £ 6.00
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    £ 120.00 In Stock

    £30 Refund On Your Old Unit Returned. Fully Refurbished: Working condition aluminium exhaust. Cast steel elbow bolted on Water injection pipe brazed in watertight (smoke and carbon monoxide prevention) New cylinder gasket New pair brass cylinder exhaust nuts Outlet pipe ready for attatching 40mm standard rubber hose

    £ 120.00
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    £ 7.50 In Stock

    4 x PUMP GASKETS essential spares, just in case! for 7 & 12 hp models (rubber impellor, high efficiency, self-priming) precise thickness required to seal impellor correctly, maximum pump performance, minimum pump wear. pressed by hand at VIRE UK, tagged to indicate bottom easily. top quality specialist gasketmaterial, oil/salt resistant, waterproof

    £ 7.50
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    £ 10.00 In Stock

    Correct Vire sized length, tooth size and V-angle, Vire 12 has higher RPM than 6/7; hence bigger dynastart pulley; hence bigger belt Tested durability Always nice to have a spare onboard Easy to fit, other belts slightly the wrong size create some difficulty fitting or premature failure The adjuster has only enough space to fit the correct belt easily...

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    £ 249.00 In Stock

    RE-furbished, the shaft seal area is uprated to Stainless-steel, correcting an original saltwater design fault. Exchange; I need to charge you +£100 deposit, refundable on return of your old assembly within 28 days. Then i will refund your £100

    £ 249.00
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