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    plug and washer for cylinder water drain on a vire 7 or 12 Please check your thread in cylinder is ok before ordering

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    Correct Vire sized length, tooth size and V-angle, Vire 12 has higher RPM than 6/7; hence bigger dynastart pulley; hence bigger belt Tested durability Always nice to have a spare onboard Easy to fit, other belts slightly the wrong size create some difficulty fitting or premature failure The adjuster has only enough space to fit the correct belt easily...

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    Practical Boat Owner magazine article 1967, published with permission Introduces the engine, and explains how to service it covers BVR model, but the engine is same as BV and BVK based on a rare early model with WICO ignition / AMAL carburettor (later production was updated to bosch/tillotson)

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    4 x PUMP GASKETS essential spares, just in case! for 7 & 12 hp models (rubber impellor, high efficiency, self-priming) precise thickness required to seal impellor correctly, maximum pump performance, minimum pump wear. pressed by hand at VIRE UK, tagged to indicate bottom easily. top quality specialist gasketmaterial, oil/salt resistant, waterproof

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    HT Cap upgrade for the Vire 7, 12 or Vire 6 BVR engines. Correct Vire inbuilt resistance suppression, to gaurantee reliability and stop interference with your VHF etc. Waterproof HT boots on each end to prevent ignition corrosion and leakage

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    Set of 3x crankcase SEALS for the Vire 7/12  engine High Quality, type tested by VIRE UK over 15 years, no failures

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    Puller kit to remove the flywheel, all vire models NEW 2021, custom designed and tested by myself on all vire engine models this is improved as it is stronger steel, finer pitch central bolt in a hub that stays flat and true unlike previous versions - see full description about the 2021 enhancements

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    50 micron, disposable Transparent Disposable filter for 1/4" (6mm) or 5/16" (8mm) Pipe hose (inside diameter) push fit and clip to rubber fuel hose only. You must have a fuel filter for all vire engines, this one will NOT remove saltwater/water/fine salts and particles, but it is better than nothing. if you cannot afford a desalinating filter, then please...

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