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    £ 15.00 In stock

    10 micron, disposable, FIRE-RETARDANT METAL Disposable filter for (8mm) Pipe hose (inside diameter) You must have a fuel filter for all vire engines, this one will NOT remove saltwater/water, but it will remove fine salts and grit if you cannot afford a desalinating filter, then please have one of these at least!

    £ 15.00
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    £ 4.00 In Stock

    Highest Quality -drive key, or woodruff key this is pressed into the pump shaft to drive the Impellor / Impeller for the water pump on a Vire 7 or Vire 12

    £ 4.00
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    £ 1,595.00 In Stock

    -£100 non exchange surcharge included, you will get refunded on return of your V7. Refurbished and upgraded Vire 7 complete. Early model, high hours, rebuilt to order 3 week delivery. new internal steel main bearings, uprated s/s pump shaft standard quick paint finish to save cost

    £ 1,595.00
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    £ 95.00 Out of stock

    PUMP PLATE NEW RARE ORIGINAL (zero wear) this is the BRONZE plate that fits between the gearbox casting gasket, and the pump housing gasket (vire #52120 in the 1992 parts manual ;page p25 #5) for 7 & 12 hp models (rubber impellor, high efficiency, self-priming)

    £ 95.00
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    £ 20.00 Out of stock

    REFURBISHED (NOT NEW) might have superficial corrosion or pitting and wear but cleaned, inspected, sprayed  'good working order' Vire 7/12 Engine mounting (Alloy Rectangular Base) distance between fixing holes (PCD) 110 mm includes ; Alloy/rubber threaded base vertical steel stud metric fine pitch(not removable) 2 x washers 1 x height adjusting nut 1 x...

    £ 20.00
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    £ 12.00 In Stock

    Bosch OEM Vire 6/7/12 ignition condenser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AI25X6uqdrE

    £ 12.00
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    £ 99.00 In Stock

    REFURBISHED Tillotson HL carb for vire 7 or 6 (model HL 286A or HL 260A equiv and others) NON-EXCHANGE -do NOT have to  to return your old carburettor within 28 days  Choke Lever option:    The original carburettor had a small adjustable lever this was ideal for remote cable operation

    £ 99.00
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    £ 249.00 In Stock

    RE-furbished, the shaft seal area is uprated to Stainless-steel, correcting an original saltwater design fault. Exchange; I need to charge you +£100 deposit, refundable on return of your old assembly within 28 days. Then i will refund your £100

    £ 249.00
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