manual choke conversion kit for Vire 12 (Bing) 30cm

manual choke 30cm

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choke cable (30cm) and adaptor

this replaces the electric starting choke on a vire 12 engine

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you get:

  1. vire 12 custom brass CNC machined double-threaded converter bush
  2. cheap steel zinc plated (will corrode in salt air unless greased) cable 30cm

easy to fit into carburettor in 2 minutes, you can leave it dangling free but better off mounting knob end through a fixed plate and extending operating length from there somehow.

apologies i can only find 30cm long cables that work at the moment so dont ask me for longer.

electirc starting choke was never designed for modern unleaded fuel, or salt air, so will in time (10 years?) slowly perish and solenoid pin corrode.

if missing entirely or tip rubber perishes, the choke will leak and so the fuel will be too rich, or you will have to tune the idle mix screw less than 0.5 turns out (clear indication that it is leaking or float punctured). if your engine dies when you screw idle mix adjuster in less than 0.5 then this probably ok and not leaking.

easy to change or inspect, 17mm spanner to loosen solenoid, unscrew and replace with new manual version.

suggest you will want to extend the supplied 30cm cable, you can do this by removing it's threaded knob and attaching something to that e/g/ lever, pull cord or another cable

this part prevents fuel leaking out of the starting choke unless pulled back by the solenoid

NEW for the Bing carburettor on a vire 12 

'manual choke' adapter is available now. Ive had made especially

there are basically only 3 problems ever go wrong with the V12 carb ; the float fails, the pump diagram rubber perishes, the choke solenoid/ tip perishes.(see other items). you cannot make any of those parts and will stop the engine performing/running, so carry spares.