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ignition coil

youtube videos how to fit and set and diagnose

bosch replacement 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7L5EolHfts static test using battery

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJKKf1FLGcY running test using strobe lamp

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NEW coil for all Vire 7/12 engines and Vire 6 produced after 1970 (earlier Vire 6 were Wico not bosch system)

This part rarely goes wrong, because it is magneto energy not a 12V high current system like you have on a car (they often burn out due to overheating)

99 times out of 100 customers ask for this part because their 'car' mechanic asked for it, but isnt needed.

before changing the coil you/they should first have checked the following:

YOUTUBE with a car strobe lamp, the spark is not steady. if it is, there is no ignition problem, its the carburation/fuel supply - look there or carry on below..

renew spark plug

replace HT cap or temporarily try spark plug directly from the HT wire to eliminate

renew points if closed resistance is more than 1 ohm

kill switch not interfereing (disconnect to check)

condenser. replace if looks rotten or cannot hold a charge

there are extensive videos on youtube i have uploaded, you should try and finally get a multimeter and test the parts as i show. basically a damaged coil measured ohms from its steel laminations (earth) to 1. the LT wire should be conducting at low resistance. 2. to the HT wire is also conductive to a higher resistance. if either are open circuit, then the coil is burnt out, but if both conduct, likely ok.

changing this part is difficult, requires:

remove flywheel as described on youtube

desolder/unscre LT wire

unscrew 2 x holding bolts that are often rusted into the delicate alloy backplate

unscrew coil from HT wire.