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Fuel Filter - Glass 10 micron desalinating


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10 micron filter removes smallest contaminants

desalinatingwater bowl you can easily drain

supplied with tails and washers, easy to fit.

essential equipment for tilloson carburettor in saltwater environment (Vire 7)

input tail is bore 8mm, output tail is bore 6mm (same as modern vire carburettor inlet pipes)

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you will really like this as it stops the alloy carburettor failing early or being unrelaible. particularly essential for a Vire 7 in saltwater because the tillotson idle /startting jets easily corrode shut.

this is made of aluminium and BZP steel parts, so will tarnish on a boat, unless sheltered and sprayed WD40.

the bottom of the bowl is glass, so this GOOD you can see when the water bubble needs draining or fuel is there or dirty, but it has a platic drain screw so NOT as fire retardant as a metal bowl.

i accept no liability in event of a fire. fit at your own risk.

tip --, this unit does NOT come with priming button, so i advise you already have a hand-priming bulb in line somewhere especially if you have a fuel tank that has the outlet pipe above fuel not below it (eg outboard tank not a gravity tank). a priming button/bulb helps you; after running dry to get started, fault find fuel-starvation suspicions, and find leaks.

I had exactly this model on my own boat and it solved tillotson carburettor problems my engine stopping and being unreliable for 2 years regardless of cheap inline filters, but was reliable after fitting this for 4 years, never a problem again.

The tillotson is incredibly sensitive to fuel contamination, diffused dissolved (invisible ) water/saltwater, and salts corroding the sub-millimetric jets which are simply drillings in the alloy throat (not brass jet like the main jet)

100% compatible tested with Vire 6 7 12.