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HYLOMAR SEALANT (gasket glue)


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Gasket sealant

40g tube


The only gasket sealant reccomended by Vire UK

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when fitting any gasket on a vire engine, you should use gasket glue., the glue you choose will have different properties. Its a mistake to use cheaper silicone or RTV like 'instant gasket' because it is not oil resistant, does not seal so well, and worst of all hardens into spheres that block your Vire engine's small pathways in the cooling system, notably the cylnder water outlet banjo parts that may break if you need to remove them to clean out!. when fitting the pump gasket, it is inevitable some sealant oozes intside as you tighten it down, and you want a non-setting sealant like hylomar in case it does, so it is simply flushed out.

Hylomar is the type used in Rolls royce production many decades

because it is non-setting, gaskets can be re-used if you slowly peel them off, this is helpful in a boat in an emergency repair situation, where you may not have or be able to make precise gaskets spare.

because hylomar is oil and grease tolerant, it means it works on any flat surface, you dont need to sand down to bare metal accelerating corrosion, and it wont leak.

every Vire engine boat should have a kit of spares including a tube of HYLOMAR.