EXCHANGE Refurbished Carburettor (conditional £30 refund) , for Vire 7 or Vire 6 (tillotson HL vire)


REFURBISHED Tillotson HL carb for vire 7 or 6 (model HL 286A or HL 260A equiv and others)

EXCHANGE - you agree to return your old carburettor within 28 days (return addressed bag included you pay postage

£30 refund conditional - read below

Choke Lever option:

   The original carburettor had a small adjustable lever this was ideal for remote cable operation

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 Due to the shortage of used carburettors, and the popularity of this item, i must now ask you post me back your old carburettor within 28 days.

if you cannot do this, then DO NOT ORDER this part, order the "NON-exchange" part

we should all be RECYCLING !

if you paid PAYPAL ,AND  your old vire tillotson carb returns  in 'repairable' condition within 28 daysm THEN i will refund you £30 using paypal.( if you paid IBAN, then i cannot refund as my bank would charge me a £30 fee sorry) if  you paid from UK bank transfer, please ask.

this is original equipment and has not been available new since 1996. I am the only Dealer in the world, who is able to supply not only a new ready to go Vire 6/7 carburettor (without the need for adapting/modifying), but it is also dully tested, tuned, and comes with photographic installation manual and two new gaskets.

I have personally built this unit from all new parts, tested it on the rig in starting/idle and full throttle running and it is tuned here, packed and ready to go. Most people are amazed what an improvement this new tuned carb makes compared to their old one.

When i get old carburettors, I try to get them A1 operation. Sadly 50% even after a new service kit and rubber metering dipragm are fitted wont tune perfectly, but 50% will.

If and only if they pass my stringent tests will they be put into clean dry stock for you to buy.

bear in mind that although this carburettor is working perfectly and will not need a new diapragm for at least the next 4 years, it is already several years old castings, possibly a 70s or 80s unit so it wont last as long as a new carburettor would.

why do old carbs play up? - its usually a few common things you could fix, or one you cannot.

the thing you cannot is internal airway corrosion, it corrodes the main jet non return ball and aeration galleries that are blocked off in manufacture and cant be serviced. that kills 50~% old carbs by spluttering the mixture fouling the plug and the engine cutting out or running out of tune.

The thing you can service is the fuel side (lower half), commonly the metering membrane is perished stiff or punctured, the 3 idle jets blocked or the pump diapram leaking. And of course tune it like i show you on youtube.

12month guarantee as standard.

if your engine is not misfiring (ignition) but bad starting or cutting out, fouling plugs (oily) excessive smoking exhaust or coughing on acceleration, then it needs the carburettor fixing.

If you have not got one already, i recommend a Champion spark plug and an excellent '10 micron fuel filter/water separator' for the Vire as well - see my other items or ask.