Bolt Kit (allen s/s) For VIRE 7 & 12- Pump Housing

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4mm Allen key

3 x Stainless Steel Allen (Hex) Bolts

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3 x Stainless Steel Allen Bolts with the 4mm Key to fit.

Would recommend if you are ordering the impellor.

This allows much easier changing of impellors in future, due to the key being just the right size to get into the tight space, unlike socket set before you needed which likely fell into bilges

Another common sense thing, is that the bolts wont rust and keep the key in place, the early bolts rusted, rounded and were difficult to remove.

Correct length for the Vire 7&12 engines, tested product

the original bolts theese replace were 8mm headed bolts, these were often not s/s so corroded, and rotted the threads in the gearbox casing, which is a difficult repair.

changing the impellor or gasket required 1/4" drive socket set and numerous extensions, that caused the socket to misalign against the rubber coupling, and then the tools often dropped into the bilges or impossible to rotate with even torque minimising thread wear.

using allen does away with the balancing act with sockets, and my shortened key drives them free of interference with the rubber coupling, and minimises wear on the threads.

using s/s ensures there wont be any further weakening of the threads from corrosion, please put grease or hylomar on the threads to make sure.

great little upgrade! an example of research and development from someone dedicated.

as fitted on all my refurbished engines.

I and many others learned the hard way

could save you hours of frustration, this little improvement...