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VIRE 7 & Vire 12 Gearbox Gasket


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Vire 7 & 12 Gearbox Gasket 

This does not include gearbox or anything else.

cut by laser at VIRE UK 

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OEM Vire marine engine part, not imitation or copy, fine strong paper gasket - so will give reliable thickness and therfore thrust bearing float(approx 2-10thou), otherwise you may have to adjust and re-shim repeatedly.

(Vire thrust packing shims are hard to find)

This part is very difficult to make yourself, I have tried before i got these, its not worth the time, and risk of leaking oil /slack bearings.

cut by laser at VIRE UK 

Don't buy unless you are genuine about paying and collecting within a week or have already contacted me regarding shipping costs etc.

This is avaialable immediately.

Recommended you use hylomar sealant smeared on both sides, onto pre-cleaned face halves (see items)