TOP HOSE (improved Vire 7 Exhaust Jacket To Cylinder rubber)


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TOP HOSE for Vire 7

uprated, thicker longer and stronger than original to make watertight fit and keep suppleness longer

exhaust jacket to cylinder hose. this part 52035 slides over the copper pipe 52034, and is then squashed as you bolt the silencer 67752 on.

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  • Special material will withstand heat and crushing from installation and jubilee clip.
  • Correct bore, diameter for clip and particularly critical length to attain correct crushed pressure on ends - avoiding leaks.
  • It is essential the hose will sit neatly in the cleaned engine recesses with liberal fresh sealant during assembly
  • I note it is common that the aluminium exhaust recess has rotted with corrosion, this should be fixed - please ask for details.
  • This unit is NEW, never used. 
  • To replace, the water pump pipe clip and 4 exhaust nuts need removing - allowing exhaust to move 2 inches aft(where your boat allows), this may require a new exhaust-cylinder gasket unless you are careful to save it and use sealant. Initially the hose seems too long, but it is designed so that as the exhaust nuts are tightened properly, the hose crushes to make a watertight seal for the hot water. 

Note, if your top hose has been leaking for a while, it probably has damaged the smoothness of the aluminium socket in the silencer 67752, in that case you can exchange it with me, or i sell a repair seat kit. if your socket is not smooth it cannot seal properly.

because you may need to remove silencer to obtain top access to service your pump, it is wise to carry spare top-hose in this event!