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VIRE 6 / 7 / 12- NEW Gear Oil - improved protection

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New improved protection GEAR OIL for the Vire 6, Vire 7 or Vire 12 engines  

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  • normal Vire Gear oil should normally be changed every season, and 100 hours use. It's a weak point!
  • With this improved oil you will seriously increase the life of your gearbox in the hostile marine environment.
  • Discovered from consultation with the technical department at Castrol
  • An uprated oil which could be used in this gearbox, giving TWICE the corrosion protection of Hypoy EP90 etc.
  • no problems mixing it with legacy oil.
  • you can just use this to top up if you cant be bothered to do the change
  • Original Gear oil was designed for normal gearboxes (Hypoy EP/HD 85-140) 
  • Salt air from gear case breather is allowed into gearbox and so corrsosion risk is generally higher on Vire gears and bearings compared to cars.
  • Vire engines have a design weakness - the water pump shaft is exposed to salt air, eventually leading to seal failure and water ingress
  • With blocked cooling circuit, saltwater may enter gear case and cause corrosion uneconomic to repair 
  • Inevitably after some years  a vire engine water pump seal will fail and the only thing saving your gearbox is the oil's corrosion inhibitors
  • normally this oil cannot be used in gearboxes because of bearing types, but ok in Vire we realised.
  • Gearbox failure from rusted gears, account for half the repairs i undertake
  • As the main dealer, and certainly the only dedicated rebuilder, I would not use normal Hypoy again.


Suggested Procedure for changing/upgrading Vire Gear Oil

  1. place towel in bilges
  2. scissor off half back and sides of a 2 litre ice cream tub which should slip under gearbox drain somehow
  3. remove sump plug (v large nut on lowest end of gearbox) and half fill your tub
  4. replace nut if still flowing, drain tub and repeat 4,5 till it isnt
  5. tighten nut again
  6. remove filler/level plug (Vire 6 it is huge nut on port aft side)(might require tap with hammer and drift if tight?)
  7. using the incorporated pipe, squeeze in enough new imporved oil till the level is on the correct mark(Vire 6 it is just spilling out).
  8. remove tub and towel, dry any spillages.