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Highest Quality -Impellor / Impeller for the water pump on a Vire 7 or Vire 12

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AT LAST ! - the most troublesome component in the VIre 7 and 12 engines, ive got it sorted. many of you have waited years for this, or just accepted you needed spare impellors to change regularly, but with this i reckon thats a thing of the past. Even the manual reccomends changing every 2 years, but i know they can last over 10. there's been a poor quality batch in circulation particularly the last few years, apologies for that, beyond my control, i refused to sell them once i realised. cost me a lot of money in lost sales and finding a solution but for YOU, i knew it was imnportant!



this is an UPRATED part, made to a higher specification and quality control than the originals(which often came un-bonded after a matter of hours or years)

  This part fits into the housing on the back of the engine, under the exhaust, and it's a fiddly job changing, so i INCLUDE instructions and tips sheets with photos to save you time Ive made.

I had these specially made in a higher than normal quality process by the original manufacturer with permission of Vire (I am sole UK official VIRE dealer, and only source of this quality impellor now)