VIRE 6/7/12 Pump Bearing Double Race Self-Aligning Hi-Spec View larger

VIRE 6/7/12 Pump Bearing Double Race Self-Aligning Hi-Spec


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New pump bearing bearings for Gearbox for the Vire 6/7/12 . This bearing is highest quality Vire Marine Spec.

The pictured pump shaft shown is for context and is not included

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Common Causes & Replacement Instructions

Overhauling the gearbox, if there has been saltwater ingress (from failed water pump seal usually) this will need changing.

Otherwise, it will create constant (always driven) noise and may eventually fail - damaging gear teeth.

2 precision bearings are included, and since they sit well above the hypoy gear level and are barely splash lubricated when running they have a tendency to rot-solid if they become rusted at all.

Of all the bearings in the pump this is the one that is vulnerable to rusting, since it stays relatively dry and in the moister air.

As an expert, I recommend adding a little gearbox-molyslip into the oil - this should give the drying out components some residual covering as it protects much better than pure hypoy. alternatively use a marine gearbox oil instead of hypoy(expensive) e.g. quicksilver.

If your pump shaft was rusted, you probably got water in the gear oil through the pump seals/shaft deterioration - you may need to sort this out.

To fit - having removed gearbox from engine and stripped, drift out shaft from behind (remove impellor housing/impellor/key), remove old bearing using a pair of screwdrivers as levers possibly with a bit of heat, to prize off, if its in the gearbox, tap out using a drift thru pump seals which you should replace anyway. refitting; warm first and press on new one, or install into gearbox casing first, then tap in aligned shaft with soft faced hammer.

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