VIRE 6/7/12 Gearbox RUBBER COUPLING SET - (Late Ver) View larger

VIRE 6/7/12 Gearbox RUBBER COUPLING - (Late Ver)


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Vire 7/12 Prop-shaft RUBBER COUPLING KIT (Late Version)

Does not include flanges and its bushes, just the singular rubber 

Side Notes

Late version has the 3 studs facing aft from gearbox flange, bigger (M10) and longer, so the 6 holes in this coupling disc are 2 different sizes.

Please see full description for specific requirements and fitting:

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More info

this part rarely fails due to its 'inseperable-in reverse-design, however if you still need contact me as i have some used ones or you can fit the uprated one instead which is for sale here - see below suggestion

We supply 3 different OEM gearbox flanges using 2 different studs, either M8 or M10:

Vire 6 all had circular flange with 3 x M8 studs (Early coupling NOT this one)
Vire 7/12 with 3 x M8 studs (Early coupling NOT this one)
Vire 7/12 with 3 x M10 studs (Late coupling this one)
picture shows late version gearbox flange studs M10, poking through the reversing-stretch-limiting (thats why they changed it all ) dish plate, they also fitted with 17mm nylock nuts facing aft on those.

So its pretty obvious without measuring: IF YOU HAVE PLATE - IT'S LATE.

Otherwise will be early - Please see other items.

Replacement Instructions:

2 x 13mm and 17mm spanners to remove coupling nuts (1 to lock shaft with loosened nut while other un-tightens!)

Slide off old coupling and bushes (tap off if rusted and grease)

Check 6 bushes are in the rubber holes snugly (I use a vice or pliers)

Slide on coupling

Tighten nuts (should replace if 'nylock' ones)