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VIRE 6/7/12 Piston Rings - Set Of 3 OEM (Size - STD)

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August 22' out of stock for at least a few months now new ones  - but if you need desperately,  i have some in reserve or many good used ones so message me and i can discuss via whatsapp with you or phone in uk


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New OEM set of 3 Standard size Piston Rings for the Vire 7, 12 or Vire 6 BVR engines (Bright silver Chromed)

All three are now reccomended in this chrome to prevent rust-seizing, formerly the 2 lower rings supplied were cast iron without chrome, so now you will have lower friction and longer life

I would recommend before fitting, you clean out your old grooves and hone your cylinder.

Compression tests on cylinders with adequate rings is about 120psi because this is a low compression engine (Vire 6 is slightly lower reading)

I would recommend replacing your rings if you had the piston seize hot or from rusting laid-up, or during refurbishing if there are vertical scratches in them where gas could seep through.

Assists reliable quick starting in damp conditions, correct running.

Please Note: Fitting requires cylinder removal

Standard sized pistons have "69.79" stamped on their crowns, I do have 0.5mm oversize pistons ("70.29" but 99% engines are standard

supplied with a fitting sheet to ensure you can fit them easily and without breakage as i show on youtube "vire piston ring"