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Main Crankshaft Bearings Set (Pair) - Stainless


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Upgraded (stainless steel - corrosion resistant) Main bearing (crankshaft) pair for the Vire 7 or Vire 12 or Vire 6 BVR engines.

This is for 2 (pair) since you always change a pair.

Quality Stainless - Steel

Restores quiet running. The original bearings are usually inferior quality Russian/E. Block. and lasted about 10 seasons manufactured in Finland.

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Most engines today have had their 2nd-5th pair of rusted main bearings replaced - this solution stops the problem.

Stainless bearings are my solution, as a graduate marine engineer, engine rebuilding expert and main authority on the Vire series, i believe that the original bearings were far heavier than their loading stress,(over-engineered), and the consequent strength reduction in changing the bearing material to stainless is harmless, since far smaller bearings are fitted to far higher loaded cranks in 2T motorcycles etc. The benefit is enormous, and essential if rusting is occuring for an installed engine situation. I have been fitting stainless bearings for years myself, and they work well and give peace of mind.

Get rid of that risky rumbling, do the job once and for always ....

I strongly recommend all Vire 6 engines have them fitted and any vire that has had rusty mains failure.

The Vire 6 in particular is subject to saltwater rolling in on port tack -from the  expansion chamber and rotting the bearings slowly when laid up. The Vire 7&12 removed this design weakness but still allow salt air into the crankcase like any marine 2-stroke, and condensation-pumping will do the rest if the engine is not run for weeks.

Fault Find:

Check to see if your Vire has noisy bearings: with the engine off, and in neutral pref with the plug out-, rotate the flywheel pulley by hand where you will feel through your hand and hear the rumbling main bearings,

Rumbling bearings are a risk!

Apart from the excessive vibration and noise they are prone to seize especially during the unused periods in the winter. Sod's law says they will most likely seize when it is most inconvenient - i.e. at the start of the season, when you need the boat ready.

tip, you would normally also change the seals, gaskets and several other items at the same time.