Fuel Filter - METAL & GLASS inline 40 micron


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40 micron, servicable (may be disassembled to clean) 

METAL & GLASS Disposable filter for  Pipe hose (6mm inside diameter)

You must have a fuel filter for all vire engines, this one will NOT remove saltwater/water, but it will remove  and grit

if you cannot afford a desalinating filter, then please have one of these at least!

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SO please install this directly under the carburettor, fairly vertical for 2 reasons:

1. It will not allow trapped air bubble (will rise up and out) this means if you later see it is not filled with fuel you know your fuel ran out and should prime more in (hard to see with a vire engine otherwise)

2. you will only be using the flexible fuel hose (fire retardant) between the carburettor pump and the metal pipe leading to the fixed tank (as required by boat safety scheme to minimise fire risks)

because the filter is made of thick glass and aluminium it is hard to break and the metal hard to melt, but it does have 0-rings between each (actually well concelaed) that could theoretically melt in an' inferno 'so i cannot say this complies with fire-standards and youll have to -


however, if you wrapped it twice round tight with aluminium foil when you dont need to see if its full, i guess then its perfect.

another tip, if you install at an angle of about 30 degrees off vertical, any water in the fuel would become visible trapped as a bubble in the bottom, alerting you to the fact that the fuel is contaminated and you need to add a desalinating filter urgently.

FYI the reason that extra care is taken with inboard engine's fuel systems , is because in event of a fire its usually difficult to disconnect the fuel tank and jettison it(like you could in an open boat using a protable tank that sits on the deck) please please please DO NOT use portable tanks for your inboard, especially if you dont keep them on deck, in event of a fire you need to prevent an inferno, limiting the fuel avail to a fire is critical. standards require all metal tank and pipes except a length of fire retardant rubber hose up to the engine 30cm max and this is only exempt because the engine vibration could otherwise crack a metal feed pipe .


Material: aluminium/Glass

Overall size: 9.5*2.7cm

Nozzle size: 8mm

Purpose: filters gasoline impurities


Made From aluminium and is resistant to oxidation.

Easy to install and clean. Filter unscrews from both ends for ease of cleaning

Rubber Gaskets To Seal Both Ends

brand new and high quality.

does NOT remove saltwater or ultra-fine salts/grit that can indirectly cause carburettor problems. but it will remove larger particles that could directly block a carburettor jet

The tillotson is incredibly sensitive to fuel contamination, diffused dissolved (invisible ) water/saltwater, and salts corroding the sub-millimetric jets which are simply drillings in the alloy throat (not brass jet like the main jet)

100% compatible tested with Vire 6 7 12. NOT fire retardant

(40 microns is 40/1000 mm or 1/25th mm)