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Fuel Filter - METAL inline 10 micron


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10 micron, disposable, FIRE-RETARDANT

METAL Disposable filter for (8mm) Pipe hose (inside diameter)

You must have a fuel filter for all vire engines, this one will NOT remove saltwater/water, but it will remove fine salts and grit

if you cannot afford a desalinating filter, then please have one of these at least!

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10 micron  (1/100th mm) metal filter. change every 10 years as they will not last forever

N.B.  if you dont have a desalinating filter also, i would reccomend fitting this horizontally, that way you might trap some troublesome water in it's belly, and maybe in the winter layup, you can empty it into a glass to drain it and see how much water was collected?

does NOT remove saltwater that can indirectly cause carburettor problems. but it will remove fine particles an salt particles that could directly block a carburettor jet

The tillotson is incredibly sensitive to fuel contamination, diffused dissolved (invisible ) water/saltwater, and salts corroding the sub-millimetric jets which are simply drillings in the alloy throat (not brass jet like the main jet)

easy to replace. visual indication of fuel prescence/flow.basic protection against gritty fuel/lines

100% compatible tested with Vire 6 7 12.

length 100mm x diameter 50mm, ends are 8mm OD (to fit your rubber hose 8mm ID)