DYNASTART CONTROL UNIT (E/M voltage regulator and starting solenoid from BOSCH dynastart)

dynastart control unit


  • REFURBISHED/Tested (but  40-60 years old!)
  • rare original BOSCH manuf 1960-1980 (obsolete)
  • part number Vire 52111 / bosch 0190219001
  • CHARGE (0-20A)/voltage (14V) REGULATOR & starting solenoid combined
  • ( for BOSCH (EU) type dynastarts NOT Delco(pacific))
  • electro-mechanical version (solid state is 2x more efficient charging than this)

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£ 140.00

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original 1960-1980 model  BOSCH manuf part. tested safe with VIRE bosch dynastarts

NOTE : i would NEVER recommend this unit, because of its low efficiency charging and vintage age relays, unless it is going to save you a lot of trouble doing minor rewire to fit the more modern unit/s

historically these units were first designed for things like the meshersmitt bubble-car/isetta/bmw microcars, never expected to last decades on a boat, but BOSCH quality allowed them to. they are not electronic so rely only on solenoids/relays which eventually burnt/wear out, and not really designed to resist water ingress, unlike modern electronic versions i sell.

automotive reliability and efficiency (weak, solid state is better)

means you can swap a defective unit for same in minimum time, but beware the terminals are often hard-rusted on anyway, so youd be best advised to check all your 6 screws can turn/be loosened BEFORE ordering?

sorry about the price but it reflects how rare and sought after these are in tested warrantied condition, and i absolutely want to put you off buying this instead id like you to fit the modern SOLID-state regulator and uprated SOLENOID instead which should be cheaper (see 'ACCESORIES' below)