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Pull Cord (starting rope) - for all models


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Pull cord (starting rope)

every boat should have one, in case of flat battery or electrical problems.

correct length and diameter with secure melted knotted end


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  1. place the knot facing forward and visible either slot of the flywheel cover
  2. rotate the flywheel just past TDC , which is where the piston has finished its compression stroke (gets easier)
  3. make sure you wear gloves and avoid hurting yourself on nearby parts of the boat/fittings
  4. brace your feet and use both hands pull steadily making sure the rope pulls free of the engine.
  5. after use, store it in sight of the engine or in your engine tools/spares box

tips for starting a cold engine:

  1. set the throttle to +10% (a cold engine needs more throttle than a warm one)
  2. make sure fuel is on and choke operating / on
  3. if the fuel in the carburettor is likley to have dried out after a long time unused, prime the fuel with your bleeding bulb/button
  4. if you are struggling to turn it fast enough, loosen or remove dynastart belt temporarily.
  5. if you have an aerosol can of 'easy start', spray into air cleaner 1-3 seconds before pulling

Note for vire 12 models, originally your bing carburettor will have 12v electric choke solenoid which "clicks" open the choke piston. if it is not making a click when switched on, then its not working, so as emergency measure, you may temporarily richen the starting mixture screw. this is the small (4mm) slotted brass screw facing forward in the carburettor, (usually this is set to 1 turn out). id suggest unscrew it 1 more turn out (anticlockwise) until engine running, then back exactly where it was. this is the reason i now sell a manual choke conversion, because the 12v bing solenoid is unreliable and makes flat battery starting so difficult.

Note some boats have built the engine completely under the floor, in which case i would reccomend 2 things:

A. setup a pulley above the engine allowing pull starting to be possible at a different angle?

B. add a solar cell on the roof, which reduces the chances of a flat battery.