VIRE 6/7/12 OEM New DYNASTART unit starter/dynamo (slight diff. to Volvo MD ) View larger

VIRE 6/7/12 OEM New DYNASTART unit starter/dynamo (slight diff. to Volvo MD )

New product

  • Vire 6/7/12 OEM- BOSCH-group DYNASTART 
  • with nut, key, wiring diagram.
  • 12 months warranty. Loyalty discount on related equipment and free Technical support for life.
  • +£50 refund for your old exchange unit posted back to me, in 14 days, if possible please.

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This is an OEM replacement unit, for bosch original equipment on all the Vire engines,( if you need VOLVO or AC delco, please contact as connections are different)

if you want any pulley instead of reusing yours, please let me know as i have all the pulley types (6, 7, 12), pulleys are £15, £15, £20 respectively. they are easy to change.

i would like you to send me your old unit, then i will change your pulley FOC and refund your £50 and keep it for the spares, though if you are abroad i appreciate the cost may make this impossible.

original equipment on all Vire engines (6/7/12 )

combined starter motor and dynamo

tested for starting, charging, quiet running on full Vire test rig.

charges at approx 4-11 amps. this is not as much as an alternator, but saves the added weight.

      You may have an old Vire6 without dynastart (pulling the cord) and getting a bit tired of the effort - all you need is this dynastart, it's regulator unit, a fan belt, bolts and some simple switches and wiring to your battery.

if you are having problems with slow cranking/ starting and your cranking voltage on the dynastart terminal is above 10v then your unit is probably duff. a good starter is capable of cranking faster than your RPM is going on tickover.

if your battery voltage does not go above 13v when running medium revs, it is either the dynastart or the regulator, so i can offer a tested bosch regulator unit available seperately (extra charge approx £75)

dynastart test this is a quick one i use (no liability accepted):


1 remove D+ and DF from the unit

2 connect a good wire to DF that you can earth later

3 connect a voltmeter to D+ and earth

4 remove belt and spin up the dynastart to max speed using the start key

5. release key, quicky short DF to earth, note volts and decceleration

a good dynastart will jump up above 16V, and then deccelerate quickly

you can also measure ohms between DF and earth, which should be about 3-6 ohms.

I have a full test bed here, with a running engine, varying loads and full measurement and regulator rigged up, i can test yours for a small fee approx £35 including postage UK mainland, send me your regulator too as this is usually the problem.


simple 4- connections with fasteners to Vire starter/regulator unit ( Starting / DF / D+ /  Earth)

battery earth made to engine itself.

full wiring diagrams and detail available on websites below


THIS Item is NEW but tel 01202 470184 to check availability/delivery/ of used exchange units

dont buy unless you are genuine about paying and collecting within a week or have already contacted me regarding shipping costs etc.

I normally use bank transfer for payment as it is fast, safe and cheap.

this is available immediately.

i have had all sorts of trouble in the past with misunderstanding the Dynastart on the Vire, and now i realise many rewinders and suppliers tried to con me into expensive and unnecessary work. So i am offering fully tested units for all you Vire owners out there. This one is NEW

As far as my experience is concerned - running the engine 30 minutes to get off/back to my mooring allows enough charging for starting, autopilot, lights, running laptops, mains inverters and nav equipment. in fact i would state imho that an alternator is only necessary on a LOA >28 ' boat or with an electric fridge draining the battery.

if you do have/want  more than one battery approx 100AH max, please contact me, so to prevent problems i can supply a thermal cut out protection device - easy fit.

changing for your old unit is simple, half an hours work,

If you are thinking about throwing away your old Vire, consider the cost of a replacement diesel starts from £2000, plus shafting, exhausting and lots of carpentry. Then you will have the boat smelling of diesel, heavy vibration, and fuel consumption, difficult starting/bleeding. replacing your clapped vire with a good one is far easier and cheaper, plus you have kept your boat original. If you still want to throw it - give me a ring as i am always looking for spares to keep other Vire owners going!

will fedex ship anywhere in the world (9kg)

i supply most spares and technical support for this engine, anywhere in the world