Vire 12 inner pipe, baffle fits inside Exhaust( stainless steel upgrade)

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Vire 12 inner pipe, baffle fits inside Exhaust( stainless steel upgrade)

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the original was steel so rotted very quickly, from my experience, this made half the vire 12s out there noisier, and in one case i fixed, the corroded part fell into the pipe hole and stopped the engine so it was shipped to me for a simple repair then.

I had these made in s/s, something valmet didnt realy find easy i guess, so they never fail. its good practice any exhaust i get, i pull out the old one and cement in a new one

to remove, easiest way is to use a slide hammer with a hooked end, make sure the hook is catching top or bottom of the old baffle not the side

the other way, is to drill and tap 2 small m6 holes in its  rim, through is ok, then pull the baffle out by screwing in 2 bolts that are lifted clear 10mm from it, by a bench made of a drilled steel bar, and 2 10mm blocks straddling the baffle rim.

to install, use fire-cement, exhaust assembly cement or high temperature epoxy, pack it in the sides and between the alloy and the baffle, then put a flat plate over the front face to level, invert so gravity drops the baffle forward, and leave to set overnight.

personally i install with the open slot facing down at 5 o clock, not 6 o clock like original because it should resonate less unequally.

obviously if the baffle is proud in your old hole, trim to fit with a dremmel so it will end up flat with front face.

custom upgrade in stainless steel, rustfree, special design

fits both 7hp and 12hp models

built-in watertrap and water injection (like old alloy vire 12)

lugs for attaching morse cables and choke cables directly, accurate copy with better quality and features

best exhaust system available for Vire 7 /12, cures all known issues, corrosion etc