Exhaust - Cylinder GASKET 12 hp


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BLUE (2019 uprated version is better fit than original)  gasket + also included, the 0-ring (366989) /spacer rubber in the cylinder-top water hole


  1. vire 12 original alloy silencer
  2. vire 12 stainless steel 'rustfree' silencer (upgrade)

re-usable?, if you use hylomar (non-setting sealant) except 'exhaust cement'  just around the exhaust hole, then it should be re-usable.

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designed only for the 12hp model waterproof 'steam' gasket, original thickness, between cylinder and exhaust

special extra high temperature, thick, soft and strong gasket material , hand-machined fit/checked individually using actual 12hp cylinder and exhaust.

tip: to prevent your sealant blocking the top hole while assembling, in the second photo, i use a bent 'coat-hanger', thru the centre top hole (air pocket bleed hole) via the removable( temp sender 64940) plug cap. i then tighten up the 4 x nuts and then remove the wire and cap the threaded hole.

reasons you might want to remove the v12 Exhaust? :

clear water system-blockage (common on original alloy exhausts that dry out too long, will wax up in the inlet hose -cylinder horizontal tube)

replace exhaust with refurbished or stainless replacement one

engine rebuild

service cylinder cooling jacket and derust internally on your bench, to keep your boat clean

decarbonise and hone cylinder to improve reliability and power

replace piston rings after it was seized with chromed ones

replace engine main bearings and crank seals

WARNING: do not try to make this gasket yourself, a thinner or lower tempearature gasket could cause engine leaks of poisonous gases into your boat sleeping area.