Vire 6 Cylinder Upgrade 7hp Conversion Kit

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Vire 6 Cylinder Conversion kit

Replace your Vire 6 cylinder with this if the water jacket has failed (thats common and predictable in salt water, it blocks or splits open and cannot be reliably and economically repaired )

A new kit developed over 3 months prototyping and testing work at available from winter 2018

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This is a marvelous solution to a common problem;

the problem is that the Vire 6 cylinder cooling jacket internally rusts and when it splits open and leaks, it cannot be repaired (cast iron cannot be welded without warping the bore, and cold-solutions like epoxy could catch fire from the hot manifold). Since the cylinders have not been manufactured since 1962 and the last stock exhausted in the 1970s owners have had to either throw their overheating/leaking engine away or waste time and money on unsafe bodges or make matters worse. Until now!

not only can you replace your cylinder a lot cheaper and easier (take about an hour- and you only need to spanner some nuts and screw tight some hose clips) than a whole vire 7 engine, but it will be better in many ways than you ever had it - read on....

Kit Includes;

  1. special Vire 7 cylinder which is adapted to fit Vire 6, with new base gasket, stainless core plugs and inlet elbow
  2. new adaptor plate for your original exhaust, with seal and new gaskets
  3. refurbished and shaped pump pipe with stainless banjo for water re-distrubition, all fittings youll need

Advantages compared to original Vire 6 are:

  • Reliability; the cylinder WAS designed tolerant of saltwater and silt. It has a much thicker cylinder outer jacket, and far less likely to overheat, or seize your expensive piston.
  • Cooler; higher jacket capacity and lower flow resisitance
  • Quieter; better designed gas flow and water absorbing.
  • Servicable; has a drain plug now to flush out any silt or dry out for storage
  • Better warm starting with alternative spark plugs. The 6 cylinder was a poor warm-starting unless you had champion spark plug
  • Higher power; more efficient ports deliver 7hp not 6hp
  • Better Fuel efficiency; more efficient ports
  • Safer; raises the position of the tricky injection tap away from a hot cylinder into view near a colder cylinder

Procedure removing your head:

  1. 12/13mm spanner - undo your water injection pipe from tap
  2. 13mm spanner - undo your exhaust elbow nuts (2) from cylinder
  3. 10mm spanner - remove carburettor nuts (2) swing away carburettor with any linkages att.
  4. screwdriver /7mm socket - remove hose clip/hose from cylinder outlet
  5. 17mm spanner - remove water pump outlet pipe
  6. 12/13mm spanner - loosen front cylinder nuts
  7. 14/15/17mm spanner - remove aft cylinder nut
  8. spark plug spanner - remove spark plug, rotate piston till lowest (BDC)
  9. lift off cylinder

Procedure installing Upgrade kit:

  1. replace and re-seal base gasket
  2. lower on cylinder with an assistant 'pinching' the rings closed (see my youtube video 'vire rings')
  3. 13/17mm spanners - tighten the 3 new nuts supplied 
  4. 13mm spanner -refit your your exhaust with the new gaskets (2 nuts)
  5. 17mm spanner - fit the upgraded pump pipe (1 nut)
  6. bend carefully your exhaust injection pipe to enter the upgraded valvle
  7. 12/13mm spanner tighten it into the valve
  8. trim and fit the cylinder coolant inlet hose (1 hose clip)
  9. refit your cylinder outlet hose (1 hose clip)
  10. run up and check for leaks. 

Note: you will have the same 'exhaust-drying' procedure as before i.e. you should close the injection tap a minute before stopping the engine (now dry and cant corrode/decant) and only open the tap when the engine is running (stop flooding the exhaust and keeps engine dry)