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Vire 2018 stainless steel Exhaust ( fits 7 & 12 hp models)

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NEW in 2018 !

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custom upgrade in stainless steel, rustfree, special design

fits both 7hp and 12hp models

built-in watertrap and water injection (like old alloy vire 12)

lugs for attaching morse cables and choke cables directly, accurate copy with better quality and features

best exhaust system available for Vire 7 /12, cures all known issues, corrosion etc

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£ 595.00

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easy to fit, will never corrode or let you down

has all the good features that vire put on the vire 12 (watertrap and internal water injection) plus will not corrode or block with oxide

on a Vire 12 application, you reuse your old gasket with sealant, and screw in the supplied plug to the top breather hose. thats it! (10 minute change)

on a vire 7 application, you reuse your old gasket with sealant, and fit the longer hose supplied to your outlet. if reusing your old 40mm rubber pipe, you fit the 40-50mm adaptor supplied (10 minute change) you will no longer need the vire integral stainless watertrap or injection pipe.

looks much cleaner and modern, (no corroding alloy powder and bubbling paint your old unit had)