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1 x crankcase SEAL for the Vire engines 

(If you want a set, please purchase 2x for 6hp, 3x for Vire 7/12)

High Quality, double-lipped, type-tested over 15 years by VIRE UK, no failures.

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Common Faults & Additional Info

Will need replacing if they loose sealing ability (if the engine overheats or rusts, the lips weld/roughen and the springs rot inside) and if you are replacing crankshaft into crankcase generally (e.g. rebuild/replace bearings)

If you are replacing main bearings, then you should always replace these.

When the seals fail - you could get 2 problems:

  1 petrol (the gear/aft end heats up more than the flywheel/fore end) seeps into the gearbox.

  2 petrol seeps into the flywheel/points get dirty - also slight loss of compression/power.

Check to see if your Vire has deteriorated seals: remove points inspection cover/ flywheel: if there is any oil dribbling below the points/ignition plate, it is a sure sign.

If the front main bearing is rusted, it is quite likely it has a leaking seal too. 

There is little point replacing seals onto a rough or pitted shaft.  our 'crank land sleeve' can rectify.

Seal lips and springs have to point towards the pressure/piston.

On the Vire 7 the third seal faces the gear oil, but on the vire 6 there is no third seal - just a special seal cage which is difficult to remove even with the gearbox off.!

Easy to fit the front one with the crank out but the 6hp rear one is in a difficult to prize our cage - thats a bigger job.

For any further assistance please contact me.